OPTION 1 - UltiMint ATM Program

The UltiMint ATM Program

Provides the benefits of an ATM with none of the operational or financial burdens. Just provide a place to locate the ATM and an electric outlet to power it up.


Mint ATM Network owns the ATM and performs all operational tasks including cash management and loading, supply replacement, maintenance, customer care, and processing.

You will enjoy all of the traffic driving and cash usage benefits of an ATM with no financial or operational risk. Now, isn't that a Fresh approach? :)

You take care of the following:
  • Electricity for the ATM (standard power outlet)

  • Prominent location within your location to promote the machine

Mint ATM Network provides:
  • ATM Machine

  • Vault cash and cash loading services

  • All parts and service

  • Free installation

  • Transaction processing

  • Free receipt paper

  • 24/7/365 technical support