Get into the ATM Business with Mint ATM

They sit quietly with glowing screens and glowing lights, ready to jump into action when summoned by the next cardholder cash request…

ATMs are seemingly all around us, from corner convenience stores and neighborhood pubs to gas stations and hockey arenas. A smart yet humble technology rarely recognized for its near magical capabilities.

Odds are you’ve taken cash from an ATM. Most people give little thought as to how money is seemingly teleported directly from their bank account into the palm of their hand with the simple dip of a card and a tap of a PIN number.

If you’re more of an entrepreneurial person however, you’ve probably thought about the convenience fee paid for each transaction; you’ve decided there must be a lot of money to be made in the ATM business!

The truth of the matter is, the ATM business can be extremely lucrative. Business owners with machines on-site have known this for years, that’s why they are all around us. But what if you don’t own a bar, a grocery store or any kind of retail business at all?

Can you still make money in the ATM industry? Yes, you can!

ATMs rely on highly sophisticated processing systems to move money between accounts at lightning speed. They require skilled technicians to program, install and maintain the consistent delivery of services.

Unlike a smart phone or personal computer for example, they are not just plug-and-play. You can’t simply buy an ATM, plug it in, fill it with cash and start making money. There are data encryption protocols and terminal configurations that must be inputted, financial regulations regarding the source of funds loaded and anti-money laundering rules that must be adhered to.

What seems like a simple business is in reality very complex and highly regulated.

Mint ATM Network Inc. has been demystifying the ATM business for entrepreneurial individuals across Canada for years.

We help those that ‘see’ but don’t completely understand the opportunity. Mint ATM can not only help you start but continually help you grow and flourish in the ATM business.

We have 20 years of industry experience in Canada to share with the right people. If that’s you give us a call, let’s talk about the ATM business, this might be just the 'thing' you’ve been searching for.

Kevin Walker, General Manager, Mint ATM Network Inc.

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