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Liquor Store ATMs

Looking for a New 'Liquid Asset'?

As a liquor store owner you know that this highly regulated industry with its' razor thin margins demands that you leverage every available tool to drive real profits. 

Rules that often prohibit the sale of higher margin, non-alcohol products compound the profit challenge.

Are you losing customers to competing stores that offer ATM services?


If your store doesn't have an ATM yet, you're missing out on high margin revenue. In fact, turn-key ATM programs requiring less than 3 square feet, could end up being one of your highest margin offerings.


Do my Customers need Cash?

Your customers often start out their evening with a visit to your store knowing they will require cash later that night as their plans include stops at nightclubs or gaming venues before the night is through. Your ATM presents them with their first chance to grab the cash they'll use to gamble, to tip bartenders and even pay for Uber rides late into the evening!

How does your UltiMint program work?

Our UltiMint ATM Program for Liquor Stores is a Turn-key Program. It includes a free use ATM, free maintenance and even cash loading. Your liquor store only needs to provide a 3-foot by 3-foot space, electricity and the internet line access. (Wireless options are also available)

How does the PlaceMint program work?

Through our Liquor Store ATM PlaceMint Program, we provide a free-use ATM, while your business oversees the cash replenishment and provides the floor space and internet line access. We then share a large portion of the monthly profits from the cardholder convenience fees with you.

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