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OPTION 3 - InvestMint ATM Program

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It's true, banks know how to make money and they know there is lots to be made from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

As Canada's independent ATM provider, Mint ATM Network has been helping small and medium sized, privately owned business get their piece of the ATM industry opportunity in Canada for years. 


If you operate a business suitable for the installation of a Mint ATM, you  can earn up to 100% of the Convenience Fee (surcharge fee) paid by cardholders to access their cash. Why let the banks or your competitors make all the money?


With the Investmint ATM program you own your own ATM at your location, you load it with cash and you profit from the surcharge revenue. 

It's an investment that makes sense - a lot of cents!


How do you get started & how do you get your very own ATM?
Banks really do know where the money is!

  • Communication method for your ATM (phone line, internet or cellular)

  • You'll need to load the vault cash into the ATM. Most of our merchant partners simply gather up all the $20 bills collected from regular daily sales and instead of taking them to the bank and manually depositing them, they are loaded into the ATM. As customers use the ATM, the cash that is dispensed is automatically credited to your bank account each day.


  • ​On average a $2,000 - $5,000 float is required, depending upon the total number of customer ATM withdrawals each day.

  • The ATM will need to be powered by a standard 120V power outlet located within 6 feet of where your new ATM will be anchored to the floor. (This is the same type you have located throughout your business already so there is no need for expensive electrical work)

  • Your new ATM will also require a communication method in order to send encrypted cardholder data and status reports to Mint, to the various banks and to the card networks. There are a number of different options available for your ATM to communicate including a regular internet connection or a cellular connection. 

  • Location, location, location! The more your ATM is used, the more revenue you will earn. That's why you'll want to select a highly visible area within your location that is both secure and convenient for your guests.

Getting your own Mint ATM is quick and easy! 
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