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OPTION 2 - PlaceMint ATM Program

How much does this ATM cost? $0.00

We'll share in the responsibilities and share in the revenue generated from the ATM at your location.


Mint will provide you with an ATM at no cost, you load the ATM with your cash and together we share in the surcharge revenue; it's a partnered program that really is a win-win.

Get all of the benefits of having an ATM machine without the initial capital cost or any future repair expenses ever!

If you currently have an older ATM that you have owned for years you know that the cost of parts repairs can really add up!


The PlaceMint Program is the perfect way to upgrade & update your ATM at no cost to you now or ever again.

What do you need to do to get this no cost ATM?
  • You'll need to load the vault cash into the ATM. Most of our merchant partners simply gather up all the $20 bills collected from regular daily sales and instead of taking them to the bank and manually depositing them, they are loaded into the ATM. As customers use the ATM, the cash that is dispensed is automatically credited to your bank account each day.

  • On average a $2,000 - $5,000 float is required, depending upon the total number of customer ATM withdrawals each day.

  • Provide a standard 120V power outlet. (Same regular power plugin used for everything from a lamp to a cell phone charger)

  • Provide a highly visible, prominent space within your business location for the ATM to be installed. (3 feet x 3 feet)

Mint ATM Network provides everything else at no cost to you including:
  • Mint ATM machine

  • All ATM parts and ATM service

  • Installation of the ATM

  • ATM Transaction processing for all Networks including Interac, Visa and Master Card

  • All ATM receipt paper and consumables 

  • Toll-free cardholder support line

  • Online monitoring and remote ATM management

  • Cellular communications to the networks (no need for an internet line or a phone line to be installed)

  • 24/7/365 technical support

  • Detailed ATM activity reports 

  • Next-Day deposits to your bank account

Ready to update your current ATM or make new revenue at no cost to you?
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